Our "Best For Project" Philosophy

Our Values

Strategies change, values don't. Our corporate values remain constant for all stakeholders regardless of strategy, geographical location of work, and other dynamic factors within our business.

  • Our belief in working safely and eliminating injuries must pervade everything we do. We are committed to safety because it is the right way to work.
  • We want to treat our people well and give them every opportunity to succeed within our business and in life.
  • We want to establish and maintain long term relationships with Clients, suppliers, and partners.
  • We must be honest with our Clients and base project decisions on what is best for the project.
  • Safety, quality and productivity are inseparably intertwined and foundational to the execution of our projects. Done well, they are the root of the pride we take in our work.
  • We aim to have our Clients enthusiastically recommend our work.
  • We strive to work as a team; within our own group, with our Parent company and sister companies, and with our Clients, suppliers and partners.
  • We cannot be afraid to try new ideas that do not compromise safety.
  • We must be performance driven on our projects, in our head office, wherever we apply ourselves. This ultimately means results driven and action biased.
  • We promote self-imposed higher expectations. Each employee strives to take the initiative to continually learn and improve the breadth and depth of their capabilities to enhance their sense of self-worth and to benefit Clients, their career and their company team mates.


On specific projects one point accountability can improve project schedule and capital costs. On these projects Merit, with the Cementation Group, offers a turn-key Best for Project service for above and below ground mining projects.